The Willow Ranch – magic in the middle of the wilderness

Experience the Canadian Rocky Mountains and be enchanted

Set against the wild backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, the books in the Willow Ranch series tell of the lives of Canadian ranchers, cowboys, and First Nations people. Adventures in the mountains and legends of the indigenous people are mingled with a longing for love, home, and community. Life at Willow Ranch, surrounded by the vastness of untouched nature and the wildlife of Canada, invites the reader to sit by the crackling campfire and dream.

Shadow Horses of the Rocky Mountains

The Willow Ranch

After receiving an ominous message, siblings Lee and Lyla return to their father’s Willow Ranch in Canada. However, their father, who is seriously ill with cancer, seems anything but pleased to see his children again after fourteen years.

As the magic of the Rocky Mountains washes over them and the wilderness of Canada puts their resolve to the test, they both realize that home is more than a place and that dreams can tell their own story.

When the ranch is at risk and a secret threatens to tear apart the newly forged family bonds, the siblings are willing to risk everything to make Willow Ranch their home again.


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