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The Willow Ranch

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Have you ever felt the call of the wild, beckoning you to a place where the beauty of nature takes your breath away?

Shadow Horse of the Rocky Mountains

shadow horses of the rocky mountains

Get ready to be swept away by the powerful and heartwarming tale of Shadow Horses of the Rocky Mountains. This story of love, family, and friendship will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired.

Follow the journey of siblings Lee and Lyla Meyers as they leave their lives in Germany behind and return to their roots in the Canadian Cowboy Country. Nature sets the tone in this breathtaking setting where freedom requires courage, and the magic of love between untamed hearts can be found around every corner.

As Lyla and Lee rediscover their family and their roots on the Willow Ranch, they are welcomed by the stunning Rocky Mountains and the unforgettable horses that roam freely. The beauty of the wilderness is nothing short of magical, but danger lurks around every corner. The siblings are tested in ways they never could have imagined, and their courage is put to the ultimate test.

New love relationships blossom and the bonds of family are renewed, but a dark family secret threatens to tear everything apart. Lyla and Lee are willing to risk everything to save their beloved ranch and the family they have grown to love.

Shadow Horses of the Rocky Mountains is a breathtaking adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. If you believe in the power of love and the strength of family, this book is a must-read. Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of the Canadian wilderness and the wild spirits that call it home.

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Shadow Crow of the Rocky Mountains

Do you believe in the power of love and ancient magic to overcome the obstacles of the heart and the wilderness?

Dive into an enchanting journey of love, adventure, and mystery set in the captivating wilderness of Canada.

In “The Shadow Crow of the Rocky Mountains,” Chuck and Lyla find themselves drawn together by their shared love for the Canadian wilderness. However, while Lyla embraces the strength the mountains provide, Chuck returns to his hometown a bitter man, determined to sell his inherited fur-trapper route, and leave once more.

When a lucrative offer from a cunning businessman and a chance encounter with the enigmatic Wahleeah enter the picture, Chuck’s plans for a swift exit are thrown into disarray. As the possibility of staying in his hometown starts to feel like an adventure rather than a punishment, Chuck finds himself embroiled in a whirlwind of emotion, danger, and intrigue.

Lyla, appointed by her Native American tribe as the protector of wild horses, faces her own challenges. With a tumultuous relationship and her dreams of transforming the wild horse territory into a protected reserve on the line, a mysterious figure named Lonefeather Jones enters her life, igniting a magical spark within her. But will this newfound magic be enough to overcome the setbacks and jealousy that threaten to tear her world apart?

As secrets are uncovered and lives intertwine, the Willow Ranch residents find themselves facing trials that will test their courage, love, and loyalty. With legends of the First Nations woven into the narrative, this tale of ranch life and the untamed beauty of the Canadian wilderness will leave you breathless and yearning for more.

Unravel the mysteries of the Rocky Mountains and immerse yourself in the spellbinding world of “The Shadow Crow of the Rocky Mountains.”

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shadow crow of the rocky mountains

Shadow Grizzly of the Rocky Mountains

shadow grizzly of the rocky-mountains

Can love triumph in the face of adversity and the shadows of the past?

In the shadows of the Canadian Rockies, a gripping tale of love, danger, and destiny awaits.

Discover the enthralling story of rancher Lee, who finally gets permission to lead horseback tours in the wilds of Canada. His dreams of family and shaping the future of Willow Ranch hang in the balance. If he fails, he loses everything.

As Lee embarks on his quest, his sister Lyla returns from the Yukon to take charge of the wildlife station. Destiny reunites her with Lonefeather Jones, a Native American dreamcatcher weaver grappling with demons from his past. As the flames of their long-hidden feelings spark to life, they must confront the shadows that threaten to keep them apart.

Amidst the untamed beauty of the Rocky Mountains, new challenges test the courage and unity of Willow Ranch’s residents and friends. As relationships falter, death looms, and darkness threatens to consume the light, can the power of love prevail?

Join the unforgettable characters of the Willow Ranch series in this heart-stopping third installment. In a breathtaking landscape where mysteries lurk around every corner, you’ll be captivated by tales of love, adventure, and the unbreakable human spirit.

Uncover the secrets hidden in the shadows of the Rockies. Will love conquer the darkness before the last light on the horizon fades? The answer lies within these pages.

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Shadow Wolf of the Rocky Mountains

What if the untamed wilderness held the key to unlocking the deepest desires of the heart?

In the shadow of the majestic Rocky Mountains, whispers of untold stories and hidden destinies come to life. Welcome to the world of “The Shadow Wolf of the Rocky Mountains,” the fourth installment in the gripping Willow Ranch series. Here, three humans and a she-wolf navigate a treacherous landscape of love, loss, and the unforgiving wilderness.

When fate intertwines the lives of Rosie, the resilient groom, Cody, the enigmatic cowboy, and Woodwind, the mystical Cree Indian, their fragile dreams and deepest fears are unearthed. At the heart of it all is the Willow Ranch, a place where passions ignite, and lives are forever altered. Can they trust the strength of their bond and the power of love to guide them through the storm?

In this haunting tale of self-discovery and the quest for redemption, each character is forced to confront their own demons. As Cody grapples with the crushing weight of his brother’s suicide, Rosie fights for her horses and her home amidst swirling deception. And Woodwind, haunted by self-doubt, must find the courage to save the she-wolf and the woman who has captured his heart.

As careless decisions threaten the future of the Willow Ranch, the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains presents a formidable challenge. With time running out, the friends and staff must pull together and believe in the magic of community to save their home and their happiness.

Dare to venture into the wild unknown, where heartache and hope collide, and where the call of the heart is a siren song that cannot be ignored. “Song of the Wild: Call of the Heart” beckons you to the Willow Ranch, where the secrets of the wilderness hold the key to love, courage, and the power of unity.

Embark on this unforgettable journey of love and self-discovery today – answer the call of the heart and unlock the secrets hidden within the wild.

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shadow wolf of the rocky mountains
The settings

Where life at Willow Ranch takes place

Willow Ranch
Willow Ranch
Marys Diner - die Willow Ranch
Marys Diner
Coyote Moon Bar - die Willow Ranch
Coyote Moon Bar
Spruce View - die Willow Ranch
Spruce View
The settings

Where life at Willow Ranch takes place

The main characters

The people that bring Willow Ranch to life

Lee Meyers
When Lee learns of his father’s illness, he quits his job as a photojournalist and returns to Willow Ranch—even though he hasn’t had any contact with his father in 14 years. Lee quickly settles back into the rhythm of life on the ranch. He enjoys the daily work with the horses and dives into his tasks with relish.
Lyla Meyers
Her father’s illness also brings Lyla back to Willow Ranch after many years away. Unlike her brother Lee, she is very shy and easily rattled. Her need for harmony and her naivety don’t always make life simple for her. Lyla is always on hand and willing to help. At the same time, she is always anxious to please everyone and not disappoint anyone. She has a very close relationship with animals, even of the wild variety. Her closeness to horses goes beyond even her familiar relationship with other animals. Once in the midst of nature, she becomes aware of a gift that was previously deeply hidden.
Naira Weaver
A self-confident First Nations woman, Naira shows an irrepressible lust for life alongside her pride in her heritage. She is a determined woman who cherishes the traditions and culture of her people. She becomes a close friend to both Lee and Lyla.
Lonefeather Jones
The passion of the Cree Indian is drumming, but his vocation is knotting dreamcatchers. Through his fingers flows a magic that is both a gift and a curse.
Nick Flint
With his love of the outdoors and his sense of duty and loyalty, Nick is a cowboy through and through. For a go-getter like him, Willow Ranch is more than just a place to work. It becomes his home. Nick is a hothead who often acts on impulse and, particularly when it comes to his personal life, his jealousy is often bubbling just below the surface. His close ties to Willow Ranch deepen in the second volume.
Chuck Morton
The rodeo rider is a happy-go-lucky guy and a friend who would go through thick and thin with Lee. His carefree and warm nature makes spending time with Chuck always a pleasure. He is bubbling over with ideas, he’s courageous and he’s definitely willing to take risks. His experiences in life have left their mark, however. Where once there was a carefree spirit and a glint of mischief in his eyes, Chuck now appears somber, dismissive, and sullen.

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