Shadow Horses of the Rocky Mountains

An alarming phone call from their aunt brings the lives of the siblings Lee and Lyla Meyers in Germany to an abrupt halt. Their father is seriously ill and they return after fourteen years to his ranch in Canada. While their dad doesn’t seem to be overjoyed by their arrival, the magical atmosphere of the Rocky Mountains welcomes Lyla and Lee like a warm hug. New love relationships let their hearts skip a beat, while the Canadian wilderness demands their courage.

When the ranch is in danger and a family secret threatens the renewed family bonds, Lyla and Lee are both ready to risk everything, to make the Willow Ranch their home again.


The book, Shadow Horses of the Rocky Mountains, tells a story about love, family and friendship. Set in the Canadian Cowboy Country, nature sets the tone. Freedom requires courage, trusting in your strength and believing in the magic of love between untamed hearts.

Willow Ranch

The willow-lined driveway shows residents and guests straight away where Willow Ranch gets its name. At the end of the drive, the building appears: imposing with its huge, overhanging gable roof and windows that provide a magnificent view of the surrounding nature on all sides—the Rocky Mountains, the pastures, and the trees. An all-wood construction, the house is impressive without being ostentatious. Steps lead up to the porch and from there into the house, which Lee and Lyla’s father built with his own hands before they were born. It was an engagement present for his German girlfriend. He just wanted to make sure she didn’t go back to her home country, but would stay and share her life with him in the Rocky Mountains.